A Quest for ROI

I've had a future business meeting yesterday and once again – a business model directly represents marvelous opportunities for entrepreneurs basicly everywhere. The challenge to look for a better ROI factor fascinates everybody – be it in services, production, intermediaries or anywhere else.

Our life represents a constant search for a better returns – higher salary, more leisure, happier children or better sex. Still I doubt, whereas the constant questioning helps to achieve happiness. Rather frequently soviet БОМЖ (RU: без определенного места жительства, EN: a person without identified place of living) smiles more than the majority of our elite.

That's why I'm loooking forward to take place of a progressive middle-class member. Some state Buddha: "There is no way to happines, hapiness is the way.."

Real bread

I took part in an exciting ritual.. baking the bread. Yes! It's a real thing not simple and boring owen. Have you ever seen real bread? Have you ever tasted it? Have you ever felt the warth and smell of the first loaf of bread? No?! - Keep building the plastic world... I'm on my way backwards to.. reality?

A light without oil?

In case I were born 100 years ago it would be impossible to think at 3:42 AM... The only counterparts would be available - mice and a silent silent dreams those sleeping besides.

Morevover, even 40-50 years would reverse my chances completely

Where will we be that period in the future?

English vs. Lithuanian

Keeping in mind a constant stream of questions, why I blog in Lithuanian, here I open my English blog. Hopefully, it is possible to manage multilingual issues and patriotic feelings